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will vs going to 17

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Esercizio 17

Esercizio 17

Scegli la forma più appropriata per esprimere il futuro: will o be going to

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I believe the tourists (admire) the new disposition of the paintings.
“Let’s go to the cinema.” “That’s a good idea. I (tell) Jim”
Peter (not/take) a CD to school with him. He has left it at Patty’s.
Amida (buy) a new car. The bank has just given the money.
“Judith is back home.” “Oh, really? I didn’t know. I (go) and visit her.”
It (rain) soon. The air is very humid.
I suppose Jim (accomplish) his dream.
Jack (not/walk) home. He has taken my car key.
The room is dirty I (clean) it.
John’s decided to go to the cinema. I (invite) Jim.
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