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Reported questions past simple 2

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Esercizio 2

Esercizio 2

Trasforma la domande al discorso indiretto modificando gli elementi che cambiano, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Did Daisy grumble about the weather?
Paul asked me about the weather.
Did they deal in cars?
Kevin asked me in cars.
Did Arnold convert to Buddism two years ago?
Amanda asked me to Buddism two years .
Did they convince him to come to the party?
Mum asked me him to come to the party.
Did Sarah play tennis?
Paul asked me tennis.
Did she go on holiday last month?
Tony asked me on holiday the month .
Did Paul go to England last month?
Charlotte asked me to England the month .
Did they drink coffee yesterday?
Barbara asked me coffee the day .
Did Paul go to Spain?
Henry asked me to Spain.
Did the train leave on time?
Alice asked me on time.
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