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Present continuous short answers 10

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Esercizio 10

Esercizio 10

Inserisci la forma corretta delle risposte brevi - short answers del presente progressivo ,poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Are the people bowing (bow) down before the Queen? Yes, .
Is mum doubling (double) the napkins now? No, .
Are Jim and John waving (wave) their arms around frantically? Yes, .
Is Eunice following (follow) a diet? Yes, .
Are you converting (convert) this hotel int a nursing home? No, .
Is Paul managing (manage) to get to the airport on time? Yes, .
Are they proceeding (proceed) with care? No, .
Is Robert recommending (recommend) me a good hotel in Rome? Yes, .
Is Sylvia speaking (speak) Russian to Tatiana? No, .
Are your feet swelling (swell)? Yes, .
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