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past simple negative 25

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Esercizio 25

Esercizio 25

Inserisci la forma negativa corretta del past simple, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Brandon allowed his mind to wonder.
Brandon his mind to wonder.
Donald confided all his secrets to his mother.
Donald all his secrets to his mother.
You discouraged her with your criticism.
You her with your criticism.
His leg fractured into two places.
His leg into two places.
They insisted on seeing the headmaster.
They on seeing the headmaster.
An accident occurred near Paula’s shop yesterday.
Any accident near Paula’s shop yesterday.
Floyd recognized her needs.
Floyd her needs.
Jason shoved her down the stairs.
Jason her down the stairs.
Tall trees surrounded my house in the country.
Tall trees my house in the country.
Katty winked a tear away.
Katty a tear away.
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