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be going to vs present 14

Esercizi > Verbi > Il futuro
Esercizio 14

Esercizio 14

Scegli la forma più appropriata per esprimere il futuro: be going to o present continuous

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They’ve already agreed. They (come) to Valencia with us.
They are 3-0. Inter (win) the match.
(you/make) a cake for Jake's birthday?
They (fly) to Seattle next summer holidays. They've already booked.
Aren’t you ready? We (be) late.
Mary (see) the dentist at four o’clock.
They (come) to our house on Saturday.
(he/smoke) ten cigarettes today?
Mr. Pitt has just phoned to say that he (not come) back till Wednesday night.
She doesn’t like blue. She (wear) her red dress.
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