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a little a few 17

Esercizi > Indefiniti Quantifiers
Esercizio 17

Esercizio 17

Inseriscia few, few,a little oppure little, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Julian drank cups of coffee to keep himself awake, so he finished his homework.
This car has fuel. We can go straight away to Bristol without stopping.
There are books left. I think the selling is going to finish tonight.
Peter solved the puzzle after Barbara had given him hints.
We had fun at Jim’s party, so we stayed there all the evening.
That house has furniture. If you want to live here, you’ll have to buy something.
I know French songs, so I can sing with you at John's party.
That house has furniture. We can start living here.
These products have very quality. I believe the board will change our supplier.
There are bottles left. I believe they drank a lot yesterday.
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