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a little a few 16

Esercizi > Indefiniti Quantifiers
Esercizio 16

Esercizio 16

Inseriscia few, few,a little oppure little, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
I have quite friends who speak French well, and in this way, I can refresh mine.
I worked hard but they paid me for my hard work, so I decided to resign.
There’s butter. I can make the cake I’ve promised.
I spend hours a day maintaining my website, and I think it's enough.
We have food, so I must go to the supermarket.
I saw babies there. The beach is unsuitable for them.
Peter has imagination. He can solve this problem.
I've got to go to the office for hours today, so I answered all the emails.
There are very beaches, so we can’t swim here.
This car has fuel. We need to stop before Bristol.
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