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present simple negative 25

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Esercizio 25

Esercizio 25

Inserisci la forma negativa corretta del presente semplice, trasformando la frase da affermativa in negativa, poi premi il tasto "Controlla" per verificare le tue risposte.
Es.: Peter flies to London every week. Peter does not fly to London every week.
This new treatment benefits Tom.
This new treatment Tom.
Molly considers Paul a good friend.
Molly Paul a good friend.
My mum doubles the napkins before putting them on the table.
My mum the napkins before putting them on the table.
This machine fractures rocks.
This machine rocks.
This word means love.
This word love.
That flower perishes because of the frost.
That flower because of the frost.
We report for practise in the afternoon.
We for practise in the afternoon.
Water rusts iron.
Water iron.
Melanie snuggles up to me.
Melanie up to me.
This beer tastes good.
This beer good.
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