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Reported questions present simple 3

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Esercizio 3

Esercizio 3

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Does mum wash your clothes twice a week?
Brian asked me my clothes twice a week.
Does he eat dinner at 8 pm?
Bruce asked me dinner at 8 pm.
Does his daughter work in Portugal?
Kitty asked me in Portugal.
Does Paul go to Canada?
Niki asked me to Canada.
Do all films start at 6.15 pm?
Ernest asked me at 6.15 pm.
Does he drink milk at breakfast?
Sebastian asked me milk at breakfast.
Does she come from Germany?
Martha asked me from Germany.
Does her daughter speak three languages?
Emma asked me three languages.
Does Anita go to the cinema at weekends?
Emily asked me to the cinema at weekends.
Does Paul come from France?
William asked me from France.
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